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I was Born in Boise, Idaho and have a natural love for the wilderness and the Rocky Mountains. I feel very blessed in life to have been raised in a loving home as a child being exposed to music, artwork & literature from my incredible parents.  My teenage years consisted of studies in Art and Drafting classes in High School. This propelled me to create many things including my first pen & paper games that my friends and I would play, revise, and play again.  I enjoy reading science fiction & fantasy novels. My quiet hobby is Astronomy and enjoy viewing the night sky with my 6" Dobson Style Telescope. My not so quiet hobby of being a vocalist and song writer still persists to this day when I have the time. 


I have a secret passion for great art and my independent studies lead me to great masters in the arts. My foundation of traditional art knowledge came from Gayle Prince, A world-renowned artist of modern spiritual works. I also loved working with animation and went to DigiPen Institute of Technology to help me learn how to teach youth the basics of animation creation which I have employed as a volunteer merit badge counselor for the Animation and Game Design merit badges for the Boy Scouts of America.


Vocationally I have worked in graphic design for all mediums. I wanted to grow more in interactive designs so all my educational interests pointed to one school that could help me get to the next level. I am currently finishing a B.S. in Game Design from Full Sail University Online. Graduation date: December 20, 2019. This has been more than just learning how to make great interactive entertainment but put me in the arena of AR/VR/XR platforms as well gaining core design principles in UI/UX designing.


What does the future have in store for me? When I finish my B.S. degree from Full Sail University I plan on taking a Masters Program in Mobile Gaming at Full Sail University as an online student.  I hope to combine this to my skill set as an Interactive Design Specialist.


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